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-evidence demonstrates the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States of America were acts of domestic terrorism committed on behalf of the corrupt ruling class-
-you won't believe your eyes; or will you? explore the shocking Barack Obama connection to the Bin Laden Hoax-
-a full employment, small-business based, ecologically-sound economy is possible!-

-forthcoming book about struggle against the corrupt ruling class in the author's town and elsewhere who have persecuted him in multiple ways (including assaults, false criminal charges, theft, poisonings, kidnapping of his child, and several other crimes) for his political and religious beliefs and activism-     
-forensic evidence and witness testimony support belief in conspiracy and cover-up in investigation of the 9/11 terrorist attacks (designed especially for students and other researchers)-
-scriptures and prophecies of different religions, science, and history overlap and combine to form a new understanding of God's plan and the unity of religions-
-sequel to The Changing Religion, an in-progress work describing the organized crime syndicate of the corrupt ruling class and the religious mission to remove the corrupt from power-
-an anonymous-member virtual congregation of those interested in reforming the religions and themselves to their proper states-

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Allah hu akbar!

God is the greatest.

May peace be upon you.