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December 17, 2015
Liars and Terrorists Cannot Change the Truth that Islam is a Religion of Peace

The Gospel of the Christ in the Qur'an very clearly does not support terrorism. It instructs that Muslims are not to violently attack others but may defend themselves. They are obligated by the Qur'an to defend themselves if others wage violent war against their communities but in response to oppression that is inflicted in other ways, the Qur'an counsels Muslims to be patient and persevere through adversity:

 2:44: Do not ask others to behave correctly but fail to do so yourselves.

 2:45: Seek Allah's help with patient perseverance and prayer.

 2:153: Allah is with those who seek His help with patient perseverance and prayer.

 2:155: You will be tested with fear, hunger, economic loss and exploitation; glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.

 2:177: The virtuous are strong and patient during pain, adversity and danger.

 2:195: Do not contribute to destruction with your hands.

 2:268: Satan threatens you with poverty and invites you to wrongful conduct.

 14:12: Muslims bear with patience all the hurt put on them by placing their trust in Allah.

 41:34: Goodness and evil are not equal. Repel evil with goodness and your enemies will become your best friends. 

 41:35: Only those who practice patience and self-restraint can achieve such goodness. 

 41:36: If the devil tempts you to anger, seek refuge with Allah. 

The Qur'an also instructs that Muslims going abroad are to carefully investigate others and not denounce everyone as an unbeliever (4:94). Random target terrorism might result in some believers being killed. The Qur'an instructs that believers are not to kill other believers (4:92). To illustrate this point, the Qur'an explains that at a battle at Makkah (Mecca), the Muslims would have incurred sin had they not been held back by Allah because a group of believers was among the opposing group whom Allah also held back (48:24-25). 

The Qur'an does not allow for terrorism. A number of ayats speak to defending the religious community during times when others are waging was against the Muslims but these instructions do not override the other instructions that do not allow for terrorism. These instructions are specific to others waging violent war against Muslim communities: 

 2:216: Fighting is an obligation.

 2:217: Do not fight during the holy months, unless they keep you from the mosque, oppression is worse than killing; unbelievers will keep attacking to try to make you rebuke faith.

 2:218: Those who sacrifice for Allah's cause will be rewarded.

 2:190: Fight in Allah's cause against those who fight you, but do not overstep limits (or initiate aggression).

 2:191: Slay them where you find them, drive them out from where they drove you out, oppression is worse than killing.

 2:192: If they stop, Allah forgives them (you forgive them too).

 2:193: Fight them until there is no more oppression and they worship Allah; if they cease hostilities, also cease.

 2:194: Retaliate if attacked, but be mindful of Allah.

 2:195: Spend in Allah's cause but do not contribute to destruction with your own hands.

 2:243: Allah causes us to die and then brings us back to life again.

 2:244: So fight in the cause of Allah.

 2:245: If you give Allah a beautiful loan (dedicate your life, even sacrifice it), your credits with Allah will be multiplied.

 2:246-252: David's defeat of Goliath is retold to remind that a smaller army with unseasoned and inexperienced soldiers can defeat a more powerful force if Allah is on its side; also reminds through retelling of a Tanakh (Old Testament) story that sometimes Allah requires his followers to defend themselves in warfare.

In 2:190-195, Muslims are told specifically to defend against those who attack them and to drive the enemy out from where it has driven out the Muslims. Explicit in the instructions is that Muslims have been driven out of (or conquered within) their own territories. Within that context, Muslims are told to slay the enemy wherever found during the battle to regain control of Muslim territory. If the enemy ceases hostilities (leaves the Muslim territories and stops attacking), Muslims too are to cease. But if the enemy continues to fight and oppress, Muslims are to keep fighting until what is left of the enemy's forces accept Allah's laws and repent. The instruction of 195 encourages Muslims to be willing to give their lives for Allah's cause, but to not purposefully contribute to the violence of the world. 

The ayats in surah 9 on fighting and war also do not allow for terrorism. The instruction to “slay them where you find them” (9:5) is given in context of war being waged against the Muslims within their own territory, in the specific case of surah 9's instructions, within Makkah and concerning a peace treaty already broken by the other side (9:1-4). Those groups who kept their treaties were not to be attacked in the war and any defectors from the treaty-breaking group were to be spared and protected (9:4, 6, 7). Muslims were instructed to slay, seize, put them under siege, and to lay in wait for them with the goal of their repentance (9:3, 5, 11). The war, again, was in context of defending the Muslim community within Muslim territory.

December 16, 2015
Christians, Please Read Your Scriptures and Start Following What Christ Said to Do

I read in the news today about the professor suspended by Wheaton College because she said she is in religious solidarity with Muslims as fellow people of the book. Wheaton claims to be a Christian school but does not behave in a Christian manner. What did Christ say about other religions that acknowledge and respect him? 

*Mark 9:38 - “Teacher,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.”

9:39 - “Do not stop him,” Jesus said. “For no one who does a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, 

9:40 - for whoever is not against us is for us. 

9:41 - Truly I tell you, anyone who gives you a cup of water in my name because you belong to the Messiah will certainly not lose their reward.

You might want to learn some truth about Islam too and stop believing the propaganda parade of hate-filled lies told by haters who serve the corrupt goals of the corrupt ruling class who want you to beg the President and Congress to send you or your sons and daughters to kill Muslims so the corrupt ruling class can sell you all the stolen crude oil for your precious automobile that you are apparently willing to murder for. 

*New International Version Translation

​December 16, 2015
Volcanic Dreams

Those who have followed me to this Journal from Facebook can recall I previously wrote about a dream I had during the late summer or early autumn in which I was looking out a door at a mountain range in the distance when suddenly with no prior warning, the top of one of the snow-covered peaks blew off and volcanic ash began pouring from the mountain into the air. Then a few seconds later, another of the mountains erupted. In real life, a recent news item said a volcano in Nicaragua suddenly erupted without warning signs that typically occur before a volcano erupts to include seismic activity (earthquakes) in the area and a growing magma pool under the surface of the mountain alerting scientists the volcano is active. A few years ago, I had a dream that I would arrive in a large city as a homeless man preaching the words of Christ from the street, "sell your belongings and give the money to the poor." I had another dream a few years ago that featured an escalator in a library. Then in real life, at the end of this October, I traveled to Denver as a homeless person and found the downtown Denver public library has an escalator and from that library, I went online to Facebook and began preaching to the people of Denver and other cities that the charity and kindness extended to the homeless is not sufficient and cannot be considered Christian. I do not know how many people in Denver responded to my warning of the wrath of God coming down upon them if they do not repent of economic injustice, greed, and selfishness and if they do not follow the words of the Christ to treat the homeless as they would treat their own selves. I do not know how many people in any other city may have repented. But I know from my study of the holy books that if God chooses to destroy a place, He sometimes gives warning to His true followers to leave the place before He does, He sometimes spares His followers while taking the lives of others around them, and He sometimes allows His followers to die in natural disasters and that these souls have their reward with Allah.  

December 15, 2015
Opening Post: corrupt ruling class, 9/11, ISIS, CIA, Mossad, Mehdi Army, free speech heroes, why I left Facebook

Today I begin a new format on this website, adding personal notes now and then to update friends, colleagues, allies, and others on my thoughts regarding events in the news or to post other types of commentary and announcing publishing updates or other items of interest.

The corporate mass media controlled by the corrupt ruling class - the same people who funded the election campaigns and control the President and Congress, and the same people who committed the treasonous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 and then blamed the attack on Muslims - is full of lies about Muslims and Islam and a group it calls ISIS. The Qur'an does not encourage hatred nor violence against people of other religions, nationalities, ethnic groups, or races, nor does it allow for the use of violence in the religion. It does allow for self defense and it obligates Muslims to defend their communities from those who would commit oppression against them and others. The armies that are fighting allegedly under the name of ISIS are not extremists, they are revolutionaries who are removing the corrupt from power in their nations to replace the corrupt ruling class in their nations with true democratic governments. This army is not beheading anyone, it does not commit atrocities, it is not committing genocide against Christians. 

The lies are being told (and videos being made) by taxpayer-funded government groups such as the CIA and Mossad (the CIA's Israeli equivalent) on behalf of the corrupt ruling class that holds the puppet strings to our governments. ISIS is the name of a pagan deity, no group or consolidated groups of Muslims would create an organization with such an acronym. Other forms of the group's name have appeared in western media and government propaganda as IS and ISIL. United Islamic States (UIS) is probably closer to the name of the unified nations the group seeks to create. It is a hadeeth prophecy of Islam that such organization of unified states will come into existence during the era of Imam Al Mehdi. It would be proper to call the armies fighting for UIS an arm of the Mehdi Army, an organization also found in hadeeth prophecy. 

However, the Mehdi Army is not limited to that group. Another arm of the Mehdi Army - also called the Elijah Army - exists in the United States and other western nations and is working to bring the corrupt ruling class to justice through the criminal justice systems currently in place in their nations. The Mehdi Army's placement in the proper places to accomplish this task came through counter-infiltration of illuminati-controlled organizations and recruitment of repenters to grow the ranks of those who will arrest and prosecute the corrupt ruling class. This is a marvelous work of Allah that will astonish the world.

Homestead, Google, GoDaddy, Facebook and many other internet services companies have done a great job of protecting the 1st Amendment rights of American citizens to free speech. I cannot thank them enough for holding firm against pressure of a toxic environment and a corrupt government. A world free of oppression will only be made possible by their contribution of protecting our free speech. 

I have left Facebook, however, due to issues with inappropriate (immodest) advertising content, immodest dress of some other Facebook users, and a small amount of targeted abuse and harassment of Muslims by some other Facebook users. In addition, Facebook mimics the western news media in presentation of lies about Islam and Muslims through its presentation of news. Though the propaganda campaign by the corrupt ruling class orchestrated through government and media against Muslims has seen a recent increase in rhetoric and bloody events perpetrated by servants of the corrupt and then blamed on Muslims, we have nothing to fear. Truth will out soon enough by the will and grace of Allah. In the shortening meantime, it is better for me to spend my time elsewhere doing other things for Allah's cause. Praise Allah. God is the greatest. 

May peace be upon you.