Think you know all you need to know about Barack Obama
 and the other people in Washington D.C.? Think again.
Take a look at the photos to the left of President Barack Obama and one of many purported images of Osama bin Laden given to us courtesy of the Central Intelligence Agency which is not known by anyone to be an honest group of people. Click on the images to watch a video created by someone else and placed on that highlights similarities in facial structure and demonstrates how to put makeup and fake hair on Obama to make him look exactly like the purported image of bin Laden.
Disclaimer: The builder of this site disagrees with the video maker on some points; we do not know Obama to be a Muslim, Christian, nor a socialist either but that is a different discussion.

Not convinced? We might not be either with just the photos above and the youtube video, but there is more. To the right are two arrest photos of Khalid Sheik Mohammed released by the U.S. government in 2003.

To the right of the arrest photos is an alleged photo of KSM released by the U.S. government in 2009 and sent to his family to "prove" he was still alive after six years of confinement and torture at Gitmo. 

We note he experienced an amazing amount of beard growth for a man his age being tortured for six years, and notice the growth on the eye brows!

We're not done yet! To the right are two photos of Omar bin Laden (Osama's son) and his lovely British wife from when they made news a few years ago when they married.

Does Omar bin Laden appear to be offspring of the man pictured in the CIA-supplied image of Osama bin Laden? Or does he more resemble the images below of the man who we believe is the real bin Laden?:
The other alleged mastermind behind the 9/11
terrorist attacks, KSM was allegedly arrested in
Pakistan, then sent to Guantanamo Bay prison
where he became even more famous for being
repeatedly subjected to torture, particularly of
"waterboarding" in which a person experiences
the sensation of others trying to drown him.

If the real KSM's heart gave out or if he otherwise died while being tortured,
why is the U.S. government pretending he is still alive to put on a mock trial of
him? The answer may be because after they convict a man who is not alive, they may falsely claim an act of false-flag terrorism is retaliation.

If this is the real Osama bin Laden, he is not and never was a terrorist but is a spiritual and political leader known by two or more pseudonyms throughout the Muslim world. He has dozens of websites, books, and videos translated into multiple languages. He has never been an enemy to the United States but only to wealth worshipers who wish to further destroy the Muslims nations and America too in greedy pursuit of wealth.

We believe that rather than live in hiding, he assumed a different identity with help of a friendly government (we believe he is inside Russia or Iran) and that news of his death is as bogus as the CIA's images of him and the 2009 KSM photo. Look for Harun Yahya websites, but be wary of videos on YouTube purported to be of him and guests. The video the above image was taken from, with Yahya speaking about 9/11, can no longer be found on YouTube. Other true videos of him and guests have been replaced with NSA/CIA faked videos that use advanced digital imaging technology to show him speaking with guests he has not had on his television/web show. For more information about false-flag terrorism, please visit