The Changing Religion, A New Understanding of Islam and the Unity of Religions,
Part 2: The Illuminati Revealed is a work in progress.

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​Chapter Summaries (current draft):

This book is not a catalog of their crimes but focuses attention on select tactics the organized crime syndicate of the corrupt ruling class uses to control the forces of politics and economy through programmed control of everyday life. The majority of material in this book is secular-historical or scientific in nature but it also includes discussion of the Illuminati from a religious perspective that secular readers may accept or disregard as they give fair consideration to all material in the book. Exploration of the hyperlinked references is highly encouraged.

The 9/11 truth movement contends that the terrorism strike against the United States of America on September 11, 2001, was "an inside job," that the three World Trade Center buildings destroyed (the two towers and nearby building 7) were taken down in pre-planned controlled demolitions, and that both presidents and members of Congress are involved in a cover up of the operation. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology, the federal agency appointed to investigate the 9/11 attacks) is not equipped to perform criminal investigations. Neither the President nor Congress openly assigned the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, National Security Administration, and U.S. Army, Navy, and Air Force intelligence operations to conduct investigations.

Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy warned Americans of "a ruthless and monolithic conspiracy" by "the military-industrial complex" to misuse government power and the nation's resources for disastrously ill ends.

Morally stunted and frightening to deal with, psychopaths feel no regret, remorse, or guilt for their repetitive abuse against others. Political psychopaths banded together may affect thousands on a local level or millions on national and international levels. Psychopathology is a learned behavior, often develops in childhood, but also may have adult onset. Some psychologists explain that some government leaders, doctors, scientists, lawyers, and business leaders may be considered psychopaths. A physiological sensation experienced from effective use of power remains vastly understudied by behavioral and medical scientists.

Secret Combinations
The Qur'an and Book of Mormon are among the holy books that suggest a secret organization of psychopaths who conspire with one another in injustice against the rest of us to illegitimately control politics and economy in their favor.

The Illuminati Mafia
The Illuminati mafia is a comprehensive quasi-Satanist cult operating as organized crime and whose operatives have infiltrated the highest levels of political and economic power in America, Europe, and throughout the world. The 9/11 truth movement makes it increasingly difficult for the organization to maintain its dominance and control of political thought and knowledge.

Electoral College and Election Rigging
The President of the United States is not chosen by popular vote but by a select small group of people who are appointed by state governments to the Electoral College. The popular vote has sometimes been rigged to match how the Electoral College intends to vote. The popular vote otherwise has little to no bearing on how the Electoral College votes though Americans are led through a mass-mediated facade every four years of electing a president by popular votes that allegedly determine how the Electoral College votes.

Assassinations and MKULTRA
Illuminati carry out assassinations in various ways including through the use of hypnotically-programmed assassins produced by the CIA's MK-ULTRA project.

Programming Mass Violence
Some evidence suggests MK-ULTRA related projects may be designed to unleash rampage violence upon the general population.

Direct, Obscured, Subliminal
Thought and behavioral control programming is delivered through three types of messages. Mass mediated messages of all three types can have hidden influence over the political, economic, and social thoughts and behaviors of the audience.

The Science of Television
Effort to program the general population in thought and behavioral control is aided by the science of television and of the brain. While watching television, the brain goes into a quasi-hypnotic state in which critical assessment of the presented content does not occur.

In terminology of classical psychology, the id desires emotional satisfaction from the power to influence others or control situations. The ego helps the id rationalize those desires and designs ways to satisfy them. The super ego, or conscience, produces feelings of guilt if desires are satisfied in violation of its innate and learned moral boundaries. Ego has the key role in development and maintenance of psychopathology for it must develop arguments to repress or ignore feelings of regret, guilt, or remorse.

Indoctrination means to be taught the beliefs, values, and behaviors of a group as one becomes a member of that group. It involves repetitive messages that convey the group's belief set and repetitive participation in behaviors that accompany that belief set. If emotionally-satisfying rewards accompany participation and acceptance of the beliefs, the behavior and beliefs are likely to become habitual normality. This includes repetitive messages to encourage adoption of numerous ego defenses that justify acceptance of moral flaws in a group's beliefs and behaviors. Some messages hold their own emotional reward: telling a group it is better than others produces emotional satisfaction for members of the group from simply believing it is true. Indoctrination into any religious or political group includes learning a set of beliefs and behaviors that are a variant mixture of the correct and the corrupted and that will usually include that the group's belief and behavior set is without flaw.

Divide and Conquer  
Current and prior Anti-Christs have corrupted our different belief sets while also promoting within each group the belief that its particular belief set is infallible as well as incompatible with other belief sets. The system of the Anti-Christ involves layers of falsehood and deception placed over both religious and secular beliefs in a divide and conquer strategy against us. The Anti-Christ manipulates the human need to feel powerful to promote the strongest possible emotional attachment and determination to defending flaws within our belief sets.

Hegemony means to exert programmed control over the political thought and actions of a population. The term is used to describe both the process and the results of programming by the corrupt ruling class through their control and manipulation of information by government, mass media, education systems, corrupted religion, and other opinion leaders in our communities. Hegemony involves many tactics but its biggest force upon the mind occurs through the norms presented to us in the mass media. Messages of resistance to hegemony are also found in the mass media but messages of hegemony outnumber or outmaneuver messages of resistance. However, a foundation of resistance exists within the public consciousness and holds the potential to be tapped and harnessed for an effective challenge to the dominance of the corrupt ruling class.

Hegemonic Response to 9/11 Truth  
Unlike the Cold War era when American government and mass media actively promoted belief in conspiracy theories, the consistent response today of government officials and corporate mass media anytime someone utters suggestion of a conspiracy against the general public by wealthy criminals also running big business is to suggest the very idea of organized crime and conspiracy are insane or immensely stupid. Ironically, to believe the government's "official story" of what happened on 9/11 is to believe a conspiracy theory.

Celebrity Collaborators and Soul Captives
Celebrities are important tools of the Illuminati either as willing collaborators or as soul captives due to the ability of celebrities to influence millions of other people. The Illuminati works to minimize the influence of religious and politically-minded celebrities while cultivating other celebrities as a hegemonic force to assist in maintaining control over the public. Controlled celebrities help to suppress, subvert, or mock messages of good-doer celebrities and provide gossip scandals and other amusing distractions to keep the audience's focus away from the messages of good-doers. Some minimization of oppositional voices among celebrities occurs by contractual language that ensures they refrain from oppositional politics or they will not receive any income for their work and they will be barred from seeking other employment.

Controlled Opposition
Another part of the hegemonic process, controlled opposition is either real opposition to the Illuminati that has found itself under direct Illuminati control (also known as soul captives), real opposition that is limited in perspective and understandings by lack of knowledge and by acceptance of hegemonic programming (the situation of many political dissidents and average citizens), or Illuminati infiltrators and collaborators posing as opposition when in fact they work to serve Illuminati goals through presentation of limited perspectives of opposition.

Industrial Disease
Humanity faces a pervasive environmental toxicity thrust upon us by the makers, sellers, and buyers of numerous industrial inventions and products. Omnipresent pollution fuels what is called "the disease economy," an ever-expanding and self-perpetuating system in which disease and deformity are induced in the general population through manufacture and sale of numerous toxic products while that same population is also sold numerous over the counter and prescription remedies and expensive medical services in response to induced disease and deformity.

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