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We Await the Christ
Praise Allah! God is the greatest! Welcome to Islam Reformers
Masjid, an online mosque supporting the reform and unification of
people and the religions

We Await the Christ - Misinformation about Islam pits it in a false war against Christianity. The truth of Islam is in its focus upon the return of the Christ. In Qur'an, the Christ is said to have been given divine powers and that all People of the Book (Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others) will come to believe in him. Islam prophecy focuses on his return.

​Core Beliefs - As Muslims we share belief in the Oneness of God, whom we call by Allah and other names. 

Allah gives prophets to all nations. He has placed important information in the scriptures, practices, and prophecies of various religions. 

Throughout history, the Devil, his assistants, and followers have worked to corrupt the religions so that the religions - including Islam - are mixtures of truth and corruptions.

The Uthmanic writ Qur'an is not identical in text as the original Qur'an revealed through Prophet Muhammad. 

The Qur'an verse stating Prophet Muhammad "is the seal of the prophets" is not read, interpreted, or translated correctly but should state he "has the seal of the prophets."

Angel Gabriel is Holy Spirit. Christ is Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is not Allah but a creation of Allah just as we are creations of Allah.

Michael is Elijah but is also known to us in scripture and prophecy by other names such as Yahya (John the Baptist) and Imam Al Mehdi. 

​Imam Al Mehdi (Elijah) will emerge before the world soon to repeat his John the Baptist role on a global scale, preparing God's true followers for the return of the Christ. 

​IRM Ministry - ​The ministry of Islam Reformers Masjid is one of religious unity as the Qur'an instructs Muslims to read the other scriptures and accept what is authentic within them. Qur'an also tells Muslims that members of other religions are eligible to enter heaven. While Islam encourages Muslims to be shrewd, to be mindful and watch out for the corrupt (as the Christian scriptures do through the words of Christ to be shrewd and warnings of being persecuted for your faith), it does not encourage disparagement of the other religions. It encourages recognition of pagan corruptions in all the religions, including Islam, and to reject those corruptions. Muslim hadeeth prophecy is of a unification of God's true followers coming millions each from various religions. At Islam Reformers Masjid, we accept and expect that many who will come to consider themselves members of the IRM ummah (congregation) will maintain membership or affiliation with other churches. We encourage this interconnection! 

May peace be upon you. Praise Allah.

Play Elijah and Army role play game! Our Imam Muhammad plays the role of Elijah. Take your part in the game but remember that secrecy is key!