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The Changing Religion, A New Understanding of Islam and the Unity of Religions by Joseph Ali bin Muhammad.

New! December 2015 update to chapter 1, "The Volcanic Prophecies." This revision is not yet incorporated into the full book. Updates are being made to publish revision of the full book soon, insha' Allah.

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Note: Chapters "Why the Terrorists Are Mad" and "A Better Solution" were published as part of the final book shortly before Arab Spring and prior to the author becoming aware of the 9/11 truth movement. Rather than rewrite or omit the chapters from the book, decision was made to keep them as is and create website that narrates a coherent statement from information provided by others who are part of the 9/11 truth movement (started by family members and coworkers of those murdered in the 9/11 terrorism attacks) that challenges the official government story that fires from jet fuel can cause skyscrapers to collapse and that Muslims were responsible for the terrorism against America on September 11, 2001.

Chapter summaries:

​Section 1: Prophecy and Science

The Volcanic Prophecies
Qur'an, Book of Mormon, and Bible contain overlapping end-of-the-world prophecies that with scientific understanding can be identified as eruption of a super volcano (volcanoes of extraordinary enormous size discovered by scientists in the most recent decades). Yellowstone National Park in the United States is a super volcano and is active; that is, it is preparing for eruption.

The South African Runner
Islam prophecy that it will become difficult to make physical distinction between men and women in the last days before the return of Christ is proved with shocking scientific evidence that various forms of bio-accumulative industrial pollution promote hermaphrodizing medical conditions in both animals and humans.

Disappearing Men
Science proves Islam, Jewish, and Mormon prophecy that women will come to greatly out-number men to be coming true with both census data and shocking scientific evidence that various forms of industrial pollution negatively affect the motility of the y-chromosome hence decreasing chances of male offspring in ratio to females. 

The Inevitable Sinkholes
Islam prophecy of large earthquakes causing extraordinarily large sinkholes to open (one to swallow a portion of a city resulting in several thousand deaths) is inevitable due to oil and natural gas extraction that has left enormous underground holes in the earth. These can begin filling with dirt slowly over time from subtle and undetected earth shifting that can lead to a sudden cave-in (with or without an earthquake).

​Section 2. Understanding Elijah

Jesus on Religious Diversity and Unity
Through various parables and direct New Testament statements, Jesus warns against false prophets but also gives prophecy of true prophets he will send to speak to other nations (sheep in other pens), a religious unity to come about (the flock will become one), and of his eventual acceptance by those of the Jewish faith.

Elijah-John the Baptist-Al Mehdi
Though historical information on Yahya (John the Baptist) is small, the story of the Christ is not told in Qur'an or New Testament without him. Yahya has a large role in God's plan. From the New Testament, Christ identified Yahya as reincarnation of Elijah, indicated he would be reincarnated again to prepare people for the return of Christ: he will bring wide-scale reforms (“restore all things”) and religious unification (sheep in different pens, the flock will become one). This matches Islam prophecy of Imam Al Mehdi ("the rightly-guided priest") who is to emerge before the world to prepare people for the return of Christ. This preparation includes wide-scale reforms and unification of the religions.

The Mormon Scriptures
A Qur'an passage is misinterpreted to cause Muslims to deny any true prophets after Muhammad. However, just like Muhammad, Joseph Smith Jr. could not have known about super volcanoes during his time yet both Qur'an and Book of Mormon contain super volcano prophecy. Hence, scientific evidence validates each man as a true prophet. The Mormon scriptures give prophecy of Elijah to come before the return of Christ and of wide-scale reforms and unification of the world's religions.

A Missing Link
Book of Mormon prophecies the reincarnated Elijah to have at least partial Native American lineage. This is reconciled with Islam prophecy that Elijah (Mehdi) will be a descendant of Prophet Muhammad through historical possibility: the disappearance of Muhammad's 12th generation descendant occurred during the same time period as the arrival of a bearded holy man who came across the ocean to become the adopted leader of the Toltec Indians of pre-Columbian Mexico.

Section 3. Bible Re-Examined

The Resurrection Conflicts
​Conflicting, incompatible details in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) of the Resurrection and other events are irrefutable proof within the Bible itself that not every word of the Bible is true. While having no bearing on the teachings of Christ in the Evangel (New Testament), this proof allows identification of possible corruptions in other parts of scripture.

Jesus on Jesus
By approximate date of each New Testament book, the belief that Jesus was God Himself is first introduced in Paul's letters to the Colossians around 60 A.D. The teaching is not in Matthew, Mark, or Luke (each dated between 55 to 65 A.D.), but appears again in John (85 to 90 A.D.). Careful examination of John and passages of other Gospels provide evidence Christ did not claim to be God. 

​Paul's Letters and the Judas Curse
Careful analysis of Paul's New Testament letters shows they are filled with half-truth and half-falsehood that severely contradicts and undermines the message of Christ in the Gospel books. Based on clues found in Paul's letters, the Gospels, and Acts, a theory is presented that Judas accepted the offer from the Devil that Christ turned down and is the semi-immortal Anti-Christ.

Tanakh and Baptism
The covenant of circumcision found in the Jewish scriptures is challenged with suggestion it was originally a covenant of baptism. The Vow of the Nazirite also in the Tanakh (Old Testament) is also suggested to be corrupted from original scriptures that described a legitimate entryway to the priesthood.

Section 4. Qur'an Re-Examined

Muhammad's Missing Qur'an
Shortly after the departure of Prophet Muhammad, the next leader of the Muslim community ordered the Qur'an to be recompiled despite the existence of complete copies compiled by the Prophet's scribes during his lifetime. Original copies compiled during the Prophet's lifetime were destroyed. 

Sunnah and Hadith
Sayings and ways of the Prophet were not put into writing until 200 years after his departure and against revealed instructions to not write them. Containing a mixture of authentic and inventions, sunnah and hadith books are simultaneously useful yet also a source of corruption in Islam. 

Analysis of Surah 2
Prophet Muhammad gave prophecy that Islam would become corrupted over time in the exact manner the true religions established before it had done. Analysis of Qur'an's second surah (chapter) demonstrates some description of how Islam would become corrupted and contains evidence of Qur'anic corruption. 

Restoring the Qur'an
Identified passages from Qur'an are shown to be suspect as forged, altered, or misinterpreted. Prophecy indicates Imam Al Mehdi may bring forth the original Qur'an. While waiting for this, other Muslims are challenged to recognize and discards the corruptions that they can identify. 

Section 5. Economy and Politics 

Jesus and God on Wealth
Scriptures from the New Testament and Qur'an show God's disdain for those who put pursuit of wealth above following His laws. "You cannot serve both God and money."

Why the Terrorists Are Mad
Unjust foreign policy of the United States of America and other western nations has allegedly given rise to terrorism by Muslims in response to an intolerable, unjust, violent situation put on them by imperialist forces. Americans are challenged to reject unjust foreign policy and practice the values of Christ instead.

A Better Solution
​Islam by the Qur'an does not allow Muslims to commit acts of terrorism in response to injustice and unprovoked aggression. Muslims around the world are challenged to take up massive non-violent protest against their nations' repressive dictatorial governments that cooperate with the imperialist nations for the monetary benefit of a small group of elites in their nations and the western nations. 

Jesus on Repentance
New Testament scriptures show the message of Christ is not that our sins are forgiven because he was punished for them, but are forgiven only if we repent of them. 

Epilogue: Need for Change
The impending collapse of the earth's eco-system presents a reality we cannot escape and that tells us we must change our ways. 

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